Great Spanish Dancer Costume

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Antique Halloween Decoration
Old Costume assembled to hang on the wall for display. Original Vest, Pants, Sash and Hat are combined with a common undershirt, pinned all together and hung on a crepe wrapped clothes hanger.   Vest has nice embroidered edges and crochet lined pockets. Pants are a soft cotton, hemmed at the waist and bottom with bell bottom flares sewn in.  Inseam of  19" and a waist of 19". Black sash tied around the waist is hemmed all around with yellow thread. Hat has cardboard brim and top with red cloth side and black edges sewn in. A huge black feather is attached at the brim. Displays nice. Note: Display Face Die-Cut is Not included. Please view other images for condition details. Approx. 4' to top of shoulder.
Origin:  USA
ca. 1940-50's